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marbiofarm map
Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola city, K.Marksa street, 121
Saving health of lovely ones
JSC “Marbiopharm” stays on guard of your health over 70 years now. We produce more than 140 names of pharmaceuticals and vitamins.
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Modern production
New high-tech production line.
High quality standards.
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New laboratories. High scientific potential.
Over 100 of new inventions.
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Team spirit
Highly professional team united by common goal. Capable of making decisions. Responsible for achievements.
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Aspiration for collaboration
We accept the tasks of our business-partners and respect their values. The following years for us will be the period of active growing, development and achieving the high level of professionalism.
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Leonid Markelov visited JSC "Marbiopharm"

10 March 2016 the Head of the Mari El Republic Leonid Markelov visited JSC "Marbiopharm"......

About company

JSC «Marbiopharm» — is a large, modern, dynamically developing pharmaceutical enterprise located in the city of Yoshkar-Ola. Over 80 product names of various pharmaceutical groups produced on this factory are nowadays delivered onto the markets of all regions of Russia, to the neighboring and Baltic countries.




Investors and Shareholders

The Joint Stock Company «Marbiopharm» holds out for ensuring availability of information reflecting its financial and economic activities for investors, JSC shareholders, contractors and other interested persons.


Our partners

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