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Grippoflyu Extra for cold and flu Blackcurrant

Grippoflyu Extra for cold and flu powder for an oral solution

 Registration number:ЛСР-000077/08

Trade name of product: GrippoFlyu® Extra for cold and flu

Dosage Form: Powder for oral solution

Ingredients for one package: paracetamol - 0.650 g, phenylephrine hydrochloride - 0.010 g, pheniramine Maleate - 0.020 g, ascorbic acid - 0.050 g.

Other ingredients: sucrose (sugar) - 11.3027 g, citric acid - 0.71 g, sodium citrate dihydrate - 0.105 g, trisodium phosphate, calcium (calcium phosphate) - 0.050 g, titanium dioxide - 0.002 g, flavor "Black currant" or "raspberry" or "cherry" or "Cranberry" or "Strawberry" - 0.10 g, azorubin (acid red 2C for pharmaceutical purposes) (for berry) - 0.0003 g or flavoring "Lemon" - 0, 10 g quinoline yellow coloring agent E 104 (for lemon) - 0.0003 g.

Description: granular powder pink with white highlights and a distinctive smell of berry or granular powder of light yellow color with the smell of lemon. Presence of crystals and easy break lumps. By dissolving the contents of the packet in 250 ml of hot water for 2 minutes a pink opalescent solution (for berry smell) or yellow (lemon odor for).

Pharmacotherapeutic group: ARD and "cold" symptoms Remedy (non-narcotic analgesic agent + alpha-adrenomimetic + H1-histamine receptor blocker + vitamin).

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