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History of the company Marbiopharm

JSC “Marbiopharm” («Yoshkar-Ola Vitamin Plant») has been founded by the special order № 105 of March. 10th 1942 of people's Commissariat of food industry of USSR and by the order № 77 of April 21nd 1942 of people's Commissariat of food industry of Mari ASSR with the purpose of vitamins production for war needs. First release of the products was in November of 1942, what is nowadays considered to be the date of plant’s foundation.

During hard war years, the youth crew of the plant had worked very selflessly, accomplishing governmental tasks, overproducing with 130–140% and sending to the army fighting in war so needed vitaminized drinks, had biscuits, powdered vitamin «С» and other products.

During after-war years the development and extending of the production starts growing. In 1944 the new building ground has been defined for construction of the new plant’s line. In 1950 the workshop producing the vegetational vitamins was launched, and since 1951 it produces the rosehip syrup.

In 1952 the construction of second plant’s line has been started – for the production of the vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and in 1954 the other two workshops for production of fusion were finished and they started to produce this so required vitamin.

In august of 1962 the workshop producing pills and dragee was built, in which 30 names of preparations are being produced today. One of the biggest events in a history of the factory was the manufacture of lipoic acid, which has taken place since 1970.

Factory’s reconstruction in 1970 – 1972, including the building of the new workshop for producing ascorbic acid was an extraordinary event in the factory’s history.

In 1978 the sorbit’s manufacturing with the continuous technology using was established in the ascorbic acid’s synthesis workshop.

Formed in 1970-s —1980-s, strong industrial and scientific and technological potencial makes the factory a vitamin industry leader in the whole country. In terms of production and economic indicator vitamin factory had become one of the best enterprises of the Mary El republic. In 1976 the factory’s crew, was one of the first in Mary El to be assigned with the rank of “The Communist Labor Collective”, and in 1979 this rank was assigned again.

The enterprise was handed with the most prestigious awards of the highest levels annually. За производственные успехи the factory’s collective had been repeatedly awarded with a transitory Red Banner of the KPSS CC, of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union, trade unions and VLKSM CC, had become a winner of the socialistic competition of the Soviet Union. On the basis of the 11th five-year plan (1981—1985 гг.) the factory was inducted into the Soviet Hall of Fame on the VDNKH and was awarded with a commemorative «For high efficiency and quality».

Since 1997 not only vitamin preparations and substances, but medications as well has appeared in the factory’s nomenclature. In 2006 the preparation manufacturing in dosed sachet powder form was organized.

The enterprises production is characterized by the highest quality and highly listed on a pharmaceutical market. The enterprises’ collective is characterized by stability, high efficiency and profeccionalism.

In 1992 the enterprise was reorganized into the open join-stock company «Marbiopharm». From 1998 to 2004 it was a part of the international pharmaceutical company «ICN Pharmaceuticals», and then the «Pharmstandart» company. Since the December of 2005 until now «Marbiopharm» has been included into the «BIOTECH» company group.

«Marbiopharm» is one of the oldest pharmaceautical enterprises in Russia. During the 70 years of its existence the factory has made an enormous contribution into providing the population of Russia with vitamins and medicines, into reinforcing the nation’s health.