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Performance indicators – Marbiopharm

Today «Marbiopharm» is a large pharmaceutical enterprise.

  • locates in Yoshkar-Ola, Mary El Repuplic

  • occupies 13,2 ha

  • number of employees is over 830 people.

«Marbiopharm» provides than 70 types of products for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, and specializes in the production of finished medications, substances and dietary supplements.

«Marbiopharm» is a full technological cycle enterprise, it produses prepatations which are own produced substances-based, which is a very important strategy development direction.

The products of the «Marbiopharm» occupy a significant share of the substances and vitamins market.

The dynamics of output growth 2013–2017

“Marbiopharm” is the only factory in the country which manufactures ascorbic acid substances, thioctic (lipoic acid), sorbitol, succinic acid, N-nikotinol gamma-aminobutyric acid, sodium salt.

Structure of the certain types of the dosage forms production

  • Pills – 26,1%
  • Dragee and capsules – 29 %
  • Liquids – 11,9 %
  • Dosed powders – 23 %
  • Syrups – 1,9 %
  • Substances – 3,3 %
  • BAA – 4,8 %

Since joining the «БИОТЭК» company group in 2005 the enterprise has been developing rapidly. During the last 10 years the volume production has increased by almost 3,5 times

Dynamics of registration of "Marbiopharm" medications abroad

Dynamics of registration of

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Tadgikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Baltic countries.