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Grippoflyu for cold and flu-raspberry

GrippoFlyu® for cold and flu, powder for an oral solution 

Registration number: PM - 000905

Trade name of product: GrippoFlyu® for cold and flu

Dosage Form: Powder for oral solution.

Ingredients: 0.325 g paracetamol, phenylephrine hydrochloride, 0.010 g; pheniramine maleate 0.020 g 0.050 g Ascorbic acid

Other ingredients: sugar, citric acid, sodium citrate dihydrate, flavor "Cranberry" or "raspberry" or "strawberry" or "Currant", calcium phosphate 3-substituted, titanium dioxide, quinoline yellow dye E-104, Acid Red 2C for pharmaceutical purposes.

Description: Granular pink-colored powder with white patches, with a distinctive berry odor. Presence of crystals and easy break lumps is allowed. When dissolved in hot water a pink opalescent solution forms in 2 minutes .

Pharmacotherapeutic group: ARD and "cold" symptoms remedy (non-narcotic analgesic agent + alpha adrenomimetic + H1-histamine receptor blocker + vitamin) .

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