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Ascorbic acid - 500 gramm

Ascorbic acid

International non-proprietary name

Ascorbic acid

Chemical name:

(5R) - 2,3-degidroksi-5 - [(1S) -1.2-dihydroxyethyl] furan-2 (5H) -one

The empirical formula:


Ascorbic acid is used in the treatment of scurvy (the only means), used against infectious diseases, lobar pneumonia, rheumatism, tuberculosis, diphtheria, heart muscle injury, peptic ulcer, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, Graves' disease and bronze, with polio, a state of shock and a number of other disease, along with the other drugs.

Ascorbic acid actively involves in the redox processes in the body and is a part of a series of complex enzymes, causing the process of cellular respiration. Involved in the process of carbohydrate and protein metabolism, increases the body's resistance to infectious diseases, regulates cholesterol metabolism, and is involved in the normal functioning of the stomach, intestines and pancreas. Together with vitamin P provides normal elasticity of blood capillaries, stimulates the formation of prothrombin, neutralizes the action of some drugs (arsenic group) and industrial poisons (lead).

Furthermore, ascorbic acid is widely used in the food industry as an antioxidant, as well as for food fortification.

JSC "Marbiopharm" produces ascorbic acid in the form of a substance for the manufacture of sterile and non-sterile medicines.


6 kg in double bags or 35 kg in double bags of polyethylene film. The package is placed in a jar of tin, which is sealed by a cover seaming. The bag is placed in the cardboard winding drum, which is sealed by lids.

Certificate of the state registration:

№ RU. from 13.10.2010

Storage conditions: In a dry, dark place.

Date of Expiry: 3 years.

Units: pack.

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