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Registration number: PL-000623

Trade name: Acetylcysteine

International Nonproprietary Name: Acetylcysteine

Dosage form: powder for making an internal usage solution

Ingredient:(one package) Acetylcysteine - 0.100 g or 0.200 g

Other ingredients: Ascorbic acid - 0.025 g sorbitol (sorbitol) - 0.7527 g or 0.6507 g, orange flavor (ingestive flavoring "Orange") - 0.1 g, aspartame - 0.02 g

Description: White granules with a yellowish tinge. By dissolving the contents of one packet in 80 ml of warm water for 5 minutes while stirring a slightly opalescent solution with a yellowish tinge of orange odor forms.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Expectorant (mucolytic) preparation.

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