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Lipoic acid 12mg

Lipoic acid

Registration number and date: PN 001574/01 from 10.05.2007 Mr.

Trade name: Lipoic acid

International Nonproprietary Name: thioctic acid

Dosage form: coated pills

Active ingredient: Lipoic acid (thioctic acid) - 12 mg and 25 mg

Excipients: Sugar (sucrose), glucose (dextrose), potato starch, calcium stearate aqueous 1 (monohydrate, calcium stearate), stearic acid, talc (magnesium silicate).

Excipients contained in shell: Aerosil (colloidal silicon dioxide), beeswax, titanium dioxide, magnesium carbonate basic (magnesium hydroxycarbonate), vaseline oil, low molecular polyvinyl (povidone), sugar (sucrose), talc (magnesium silicate), quinoline yellow dye E -104.

Description: Tablets of yellow or greenish-yellow color, coated.The cross section shows two layers.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Metabolic preparation.

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