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Registration number: LP-001981

Trade name: Trigidron®

Grouping name: Potassium chloride + Dextrose + Sodium chloride + Sodium citrate

Dosage form: powder for preparation a solution for intake.

Ingredients for one package: Potassium chloride - 1.25 g, Sodium chloride - 1.75 g of dextrose monohydrate (monohydrate glucose) - 5.00 g (calculated as dextrose), sodium citrate pentaseksvigidrat - 1.27 g (equivalent to for sodium citrate). A solution gained by dissolving the Trigidron® containes the following concentrations of active ingredients: potassium chloride 33.5 mmol / l sodium chloride 59.8 mmol / l sodium citrate pentaseksvigidrat 9.8 mmol / l dextrose 55.5 mmol / l Na+ 89.5 mmol / l K+ 34 mmol / l Cl- 94 mmol / l citrate 9.8 mmol / l

Description: White granular powder without smell. Presence of crystals and easy break lumps is allowed.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Rehydrated agent for an oral intake.

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