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Calcium carbonate

Calcium carbonate

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Calcium carbonate&

Chemical name

Calcium carbonate

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Calcium – is the main macro element involved in the formation and maintenance of bone structure, part of the main bone mineral - hydroxyapatite and the dentin of the teeth.

Divalent calcium ions (Ca2 +) are involved in the formation of connections and contacts between the individual cells which form the organs and tissues, providing stability to cell membranes, forming a connection between the negatively charged groups of phospholipid structural proteins and glycoproteins.

Calcium is needed for normal nerve conduction fibers and contractile activity of muscles; it is an essential component of the blood coagulation system and the mechanism of action of a number of hormones, is involved in the absorption of fats.

JSC "Marbiopharm" produces calcium carbonate in the form of a substance for the manufacture of non-sterile medicines.


18 kg in double pack of polyethylene foil. The package is placed in the drum-wound cardboard or paper bag.

Storage conditions:

In a dry place.

Date of Expiry:

5 years



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