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Retinol acetate capsules

Retinol acetate

Registration number: LSR-002668/08

Trade name of the product: Retinol acetate

International nonproprietary name: Retinol.

Сhemical name: Retinol acetate - trans - 9,13 - dimethyl - 7 - (1,1,5 - trimethylcyclohexene - 5 - il - 6 -) - nonatetraen - 7,9,11,13 - ol.

Dosage form: Capsules.

Active ingredients: retinol acetate solution for oral and external use Oil 8.60% - 0.132 ml (33000 ME)

Excipients: sunflower oil, refined and deodorized

Shell ingredients: gelatin, glycerol (glycerine), methyl parahydroxybenzoate (Nipagin), quinoline yellow dye (dye quinoline yellow E-104).

Description: Spherical-shaped yellow capsules without sags and mechanical impurities, filled with an oily liquid with colour range from light yellow to dark yellow without a rancid odor.

Pharmacotherapeutic group:Vitamin.

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