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Leonid Markelov visited JSC "Marbiopharm"

Leonid Markelov visited JSC "Marbiopharm"

10 March 2016 the Head of the Mari El Republic Leonid Markelov visited JSC "Marbiopharm" is the largest modern pharmaceutical enterprise in the country, operating more than 70 years. One of the advantages of the enterprise is to work on a full production cycle – from production of substances to finished dosage forms.

Currently under the brand of JSC "Marbiopharm" produces more than 70 items of drugs of different pharmacological groups of drugs, substances, food and dietary supplements in the form of tablets, pills, powders, capsules, tinctures, solutions, syrups. More than 28% of them are included in the List of vital and essential medicinal products.

Сегодня на предприятии реализуется инвестиционный проект по технологической реконструкции и модернизации производства. В соответствии с необходимыми требованиями был создан новый цех по производству твердых лекарственных препаратов, участок производства жидких лекарственных препаратов, модернизированы лаборатории, построен склад готовой продукции.


The head of the Mari El Republic visited the production of soft gelatin capsules and tablets, uncoated membrane, and also visited a laboratory and a warehouse. The head of the region also talked with employees of the company.

"This is one of the backbone enterprises, which employs nearly a thousand people. What we saw today, used to say, a European standard, but I say Russian. Good equipment, trained staff, new technology. The plant produces products and pays taxes, and we solve social issues. The more productions, the more we will be able to solve issues is to build new roads, hospitals, kindergartens," — said the head of the Republic.

"We are grateful to the Head of Mari El and the government of the Republic for the support and for the evaluation of our work. I work at the plant a year and a half, but during that time managed to create this production, therefore, the assessment of the management of the region is very important for me", — said General Director of the plant Evgeny Gelatin.

Leonid Markelov shared that "Marbiopharm" is a modern innovative enterprise that allows to provide the citizens of Mari El and Russia modern available in the price category of drugs, and most importantly — to increase export potential.

The head of the Mari El stressed that the regional authorities will support and promote high-tech industries, as the Republic's leadership is interested in the preparations of high quality were available to people.

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